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Factory Add:Qinnan Industrial Park,Yandu County,Yancheng City ,Jiangsu Province,P.R. China

Teflon coated flange immersion heater

Teflon coated flange immersion heater


Tube Material: SS 304,310S,316,800,840,Copper


Description for Teflon coated flange immersion heater

Adopting U shape tubular heating element ,according to design standard of different mediums,and power requirement to installed in the flange shell.Insert the electric element into the material which need to be heated ,immense heat will be produced when Heating elements works ,then conducted to heated medium for temperature increasing and meet the technology requirement.when the medium temperature reach the set value,control system can output power though PID calculation, according to the temperature sensor signal. Achieve temperature controlling for resistive load of heating element ,make medium temperature evenly and meet requirement.when the heating element exceed temperature or lower than position ,Interlock protection device can cut off heating power to avoid element broken,and extend using life.


Features of Teflon coated flange immersion heater

1.high heating power

2.Highly intensive,compact structure,and short and dense whole, so the stability is good , and installation without holders.

3.Most of modular heater are connected by argon-arc welding to make flange and heating tube

together,also can be connect by fastener.fastener will be weld in to every piece electric heating tube .then locked in flange shell with screw nut.Tube and fasteners will be welded by argon arc and never leak,single piece can be changed very easily,that can save lots cost.

Feature of teflon coated heater


strong corrosion resistance

easy to clean

long service life