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Factory Add:Qinnan Industrial Park,Yandu County,Yancheng City ,Jiangsu Province,P.R. China

20kw Electric explosion-proof industrial air duct heater

20kw Electric explosion-proof industrial air duct heater
  • Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
  • Power(W): 1000W-3000KW

Industrial hot air heating elements is made of sheath house ( steel alloy, stainless steel ,or other as your design), finned heating elements, inside with thermal insulators for keeping air temperature, wire connect box, thermo couple, inlet hole, outlet hole,temperature controller.

Electric air heater is mainly used to make the required air flow from the initial temperature of air temperature, heated to required up to 600 °C. Has been widely applied to drying, drying room, aging room, room, etc., at high temperature.

Features of pipeline heater

1. Manufactured in carbon steel,stainless steel, Incoloy. 

2. Wattages and voltages can be customized as needed for clients

3. Various materials of element diameters according to your need

4. Several flange sizes available 

5. Different types can be offered as using needs