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Factory Add:Qinnan Industrial Park,Yandu County,Yancheng City ,Jiangsu Province,P.R. China

aluminum die casted heater

aluminum die casted heater


Voltage:120,240,380,450 volts

  • Woking Temperature: 350°C

Description for aluminum die casted heater:

Cast In Aluminum Heater is mainly used for extrusion and casting moulding machines. In order to concentrate the heat to one direction on the injection face, the other sides of the product are covered by heat retention and heat insulation materials. So it has advantages such as advanced technology, high heat retention, long lifetime, anti-pollution, etc. It is widely used in plastic extrusion, chemical fibre, blowing moulding machines.

Technical parameters

1, The condition of usage: temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃; relative humidity <80%.

2, The electrical strength: 1500V 50HZ sinusoidal alternating voltage testing ,no breakdown In 1min

3. Leakage current: <0.5MA.

4. Insulation resistance:> 2MΩ.

5, Grounding resistance: <0.1Ω.

6, The power tolerance: + 5% ~ -10%